10 Health Benefits of Bananas

By | December 26, 2021

An essential item in any family fruit bowl or the sports bag of a tennis player is the simple banana. The general public recognizes that bananas are nutritious for your health, fast and easy to consume and can be used for breakfast and snacks. But the health benefits of having every day a banana should not be overlooked. Your immune system gets stronger and you lower the chance of developing diseases and digestive issues. In addition, bananas can fill you up and boost your energy than ever before. What’s not to like? Here are the top information you didn’t know about the benefits of bananas for you.

1. A lot of potassium

Potassium is one of the vital minerals that is not produced naturally by your body, but is exactly what your body requires to function properly. Where do we get it? Food. One of the best sources of potassium are bananas. A mere 1 or 2 bananas daily can help keep your heart functioning at a high level and counteract the effects sodium and salt play in increasing your blood pressure. This can reduce your risk of developing heart attack and stroke. The potassium found in bananas reduces the risk of kidney stones. The suppression of calcium excretion in your urine , it prevents stone formation and also means there’s more calcium to protect your bones.

2. Creates energy

Bananas are a healthy balance of sugars as well as soluble fiber. This is a slow but steady release of energy to the body. This is the reason that athletes often consume bananas prior to working out. Imagine it as an substitute for an Energy bar, or drinks for sports. The concept to provide an power boost for energy isn’t only for athletes or people working out but. It can be used when the slump of 3pm is upon you. Consuming a banana in place of chocolate bars or any other junk food can help to maintain a healthy diet. Additionally it’s natural sweetness in a fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth.

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3. Aids digestion

What is the most important food item you eat that can aid digestion? Fiber. Fiber helps in the movement of food through the digestive tract and helps promote regular stool movements. Bananas are a significant source of fiber in the diet as they’re rich in prebiotic oligosaccharides. This are food for the beneficial bacteria that reside in the digestive tract. This system assists in absorbing nutrients from your body more effectively.

Bananas are a great aid to stool movements. This means that it is also a natural remedy to treat constipation that occurs occasionally. Instead of using an laxative, you can go for bananas!

4. Vitamin B6 is a good source of vitamin.

Vitamin B6 assists in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, it helps make hemoglobin for healthy blood. It also helps break down amino acids within the body. B6 aids in the production of more antibodies for an improved and more robust, efficient immune system. A strong immune system will mean less risk of getting sick.

Consuming a banana every day for a delicious snack is an ideal way to get the daily amount of vitamin B6 supplemented with. It’s delicious and tastes great and can fill your stomach!

5. Reduces the risk of stomach ulcers and heartburn.

Balanced stomach pH is crucial to combat heartburn. Bananas help by increasing the mucus protective layer which eases pain and allows food particles move more easily in your digestive system. Eating bananas can prevent acid reflux.

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When it comes to stomach ulcers go, the mucus layer that protects the stomach you build by eating bananas functions to protect to hydrochloric acid. They also help to eliminate the stomach-related bacteria which could cause ulcers.

6. Fighting cancer

Research has proven that a diet high in vegetables and fruits is the most effective way to reduce the risk of contracting multiple diseases. Bananasin particular have been the subject of research which revealed that they can boost the white blood cell count. The study found that mature bananas, those with black spots and more soft flesh, have an ingredient known as TNF-a. It is a cell cytokine (massive circulation of cells) raised the number of white blood cells and increased the level of the immune system.

Thus, it is able to fight any harmful cell changes. It is important to further study the relationship between bananas and the development of white cells But current research shows the reasons why bananas are beneficial for your health.

7. Reduces stress

Serotonin is a hormone in the body that functions as a neurotransmitter and helps to keep the mood balanced. Serotonin levels that are healthy help reduce stress, boost your general attitude to life, and aid in regulating sleeping patterns.

Bananas contain the amino acid known as tryptophan. The human body converts it to serotonin. The amount of tryptophan present in bananas isn’t like some of the other minerals and vitamins. But eating bananas is by far the most effective method of introducing tryptophan to your body. So, feeling stressed? Try eating one banana.

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8. Aids with to treat skin conditions

Bananas’ benefits go beyond the flesh. It is also possible to use the healing properties of the peels of bananas to assist to treat skin issues. People suffering from acne or psoriasis may apply the inner layer of the banana peel on the area affected.

The fat content in the peel is absorbed into your skin and could be a moisturizing agent. Results can vary based upon the extent of your skin issue and the duration of time you use the banana peel, therefore please conduct the test on a patch first to determine if it is effective for you.

9. Enhances antioxidants

The antioxidant is chemical that protects the body. It blocks the oxidation process of harmful molecules. Bananas are an excellent source of a variety of natural antioxidants, including catechins and dopamine.

The antioxidants in these foods can help reduce the risk of developing diseases and heart diseases. Actually, all veggies and fruits contain an great source for antioxidants, however bananas top the list. A banana every day will improve your health in many ways.

10. Other vitamins and minerals are also available.

Alongside the fiber as well as vitamin B6 and potassium that you get from eating bananas, they’re also a great source of other vitamins and minerals our bodies require for proper functioning. A medium-sized banana provides the daily recommended intake of copper, magnesium manganese, vitamin C and healthy carbohydrates.

On a smaller scale they also have traces of zinc, iron, Iodine, and Selenium. With just .4 grams of fat, and 215 calories per medium-sized banana, this is a perfect snack to provide energy and help you stay healthy.

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